How far would you go for the perfect bowl of Vietnamese pho?

We've covered the ramen craving, so now let's talk Vietnamese noodle soup. Pho (pronounced 'fur') hunting has become something of a national sport, day trips are taken to far flung neighbourhoods in search of the perfect pho, and when whispers of new noodle places start up, suddenly co-workers have 'urgent' out of office meetings which coincide with lunch time... It's understandable though really, when this heart-warming soup is done right: with the ideal broth-noodle-herb-meat ratio it really hits the hunger sweet spot.

Whether you're team beef broth or team chicken stock, from the streets of Vietnam direct to the pho hunters of Sydney, we present the top 10 pho places in Sydney. 

Souped up: 10 ways to get your pho fix in Sydney