... Only to reopen them with the same head chef (Phil Wood), same owners (Neil Perry and business parter Trish Richards) and same location. What's changing is the name, which will shift to Eleven Bridge, and, most significantly, the food - Perry is pulling the pin on fine dining to offer a more relaxed and affordable experience, albeit with the same focus on sustainable and locally sourced produce.

Rockpool's last service will take place on July 30, and Perry plans to reopen with his new restaurant just a week later. "Our motivations to close Rockpool and open Eleven Bridge are varied but the most significant is that we have two Rockpool restaurants in close proximity and we have at least 100 guests turn up to the wrong one every month," Perry revealed in a statement. Rockpool the restaurant is frequently confused with the more casual Rockpool Bar & Grill, which has locations in Melbourne and Perth as well as Sydney.

Perry also admitted he's sick of fine dining, telling Good Food, "I travel around the world now and dine in modern three hat/three star/top 50 restaurants and I just get fatigued with flavour. Sometimes the food's just not all that delicious."

Rockpool is closing: this is what Neil Perry has planned next