Playboy and pints: the creative underbelly of the new Lansdowne Hotel

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Set to open its doors to Sydney pub-goers imminently, the boys behind Mary's have revealed the creative vision for the Landsdowne Hotel and the irreverent brand of fun that will set this iconic venue apart

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Sydney's Lansdowne Hotel has been given a new lease on life, sumptuous details of the iconic two-storey venue's interior have been revealed, including a unique artistic collaboration that will add a side of eye-candy to your Sunday arvo pint and palmy.

Proprietors Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham, the same loveable bad-boys behind such Sydney institutions as Mary's and The Unicorn, enlisted the help of local artist Jessica Cochrane to enliven the venue.

Among the artistic highlights, Cochrane has created a large feature wall of defaced Playboy magazine covers, designed the menu and staff t-shirts, as well as working closely with Smyth and Graham to curate the look and feel of the back courtyard, the bathrooms (which they've lovingly dubbed the 'Pisstine Chapel').

The Canberra-bred, Sydney-based artist's practice is concerned with the relationship between society and the consumption of popular culture, exploring contradictory aspects surrounding beauty and feminine standards. These concepts are brought to life with rambunctious intensity at the Lansdowne, in-sync with the bohemian, rough-around-the-edges vibe of the Chippendale watering hole.

As Cochrane explained, "I wanted to take advantage of a classic space being transformed into something with a contemporary edge and make my work mimic that sentiment. Taking an iconic symbol of popular culture that's been a controversial influence of feminine beauty and societal standards, and repurposing its information through artistic means is something of an overwhelming, humorous, creepy and impactful result."

"It's awesome to get to create something that can be enjoyed by an eleven out of ten community. For me, as an artist, it's exciting to engage an audience visually and encourage positive and interesting conversations. For Jake, Kenny and the team to support me and women in the arts in this way is the coolest shit ever."

The Lansdowne is set to open this Thursday 15 June, with a slew of live gigs planned in the coming months including The Delta Riggs, Melbourne's The Peep Tempel and locals Sloan Peterson & Mezko. Keep an eye on their Instagram for more details @thelansdowne

Playboy and pints: the creative underbelly of the new Lansdowne Hotel (фото 1)

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