Power plants: Sydney’s best 10 vegan eateries

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From vegetarian yum cha to the quintessential organic café - here's where to get your vegan fix in Sydney

Just ask Miley Cyrus or Jared Leto, both recent winners of PETA's Sexiest Celebrity Vegan/Vegetarian title. Or any of the celebs such as Jay Z, Beyoncé, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Stella McCartney or Ariana Grande who have all opted in for a meat, dairy and egg-free diet. Being vegan is no longer relegated to the '70s throw-back hippie commune or a tiny footnote on a meat-lovers menu but a delicious, nutritious lifestyle with a ton of fabulous eat-out options available. And to celebrate Vegan Month which is on for the month of November, we've updated our go-to list from eight to ten, offering even more delicious eat-out vegan options.

Click through the gallery above for the top ten plant-based eateries in Sydney.

Power plants: Sydney’s best 8 vegan eateries

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