Pandora is giving away free gold ice cream today

Pandora is giving away free gold ice cream today

Beat the crowds

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Gloomy autumn weather getting you down? Free ice cream is the cure.

Summer could have done us a favour and stuck around a little longer, but since it hasn't, we have to find get our joy somewhere else. Like in gold. And ice cream. Free ice cream.

From Friday to Sunday Pandora Jewellery is giving away free soft serve ice cream blessed with the Midas touch: it's covered in delicate, sparkling gold leaf.

It'll be served out of a gold orb with a honeycomb design that Pandora has dubbed The Hive. It's a full sensory experience with gold flowers scented like real blossoms, sound effects of bees buzzing and LED panels to mimc the movement of bees.

Pandora collectors can also check out the new season's charms.

While The Hive a beautiful way to spend lunch, honestly Pandora could be giving away ice cream out of a cardboard box and we'd be queueing with just as much enthusiasm. It's pretty much our duty as humans to sample all the free ice cream we can.

Get your free soft serve in Sydney's Pitt St Mall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Come early because ice creams are only available between 12pm and 2pm.



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