Nudefish: North Sydney's new poké bar

Nudefish: North Sydney's new poké bar

Sashimi heaven

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Poké bowls: because cooking fish is like so 2016

Poké bowls have changed the seafood game. They're like a deconstructed sushi roll crossed with a fresh Hawaiian salad. On top of that, the fresh colours and textures make the bowls incredibly Insta-worthy, like the acai bowls and Buddha bowls that preceded them.  

Too often, these wonder-food trends stay tucked away in alleyways on the Eastern beaches or hidden in trendy bars of the inner west; they rarely make the journey across the bridge to our neighbours in the north. Tom Walton, one of the boys behind Bondi's Bucket List has changed this, opening Nudefish, a Hawaiian style poké bar in North Sydney's Greenwood Plaza.

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Nudefish offers traditional-style poké bowls, as well as their own twist on the trend with blow torch salmon and a take on ochazuke (where house made miso is poured over the bowl to lightly poach the fish) also available. There are also tofu options available for any vegetarians.

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Walton and co-founder James Nathan maintain a 'boat to bowl' philosophy, committed to serving the highest quality sashimi by teaming up with seafood king John Susman.

Lunch breaks just got that much better for you North Shore workers. 

Nudefish is located in Greenwood Plaza, Shop P06/36 Blue St, North Sydney.

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