In news that sadly no one will be surprised about, the NSW State Government is cracking down on yet another of our beloved leisure-time pursuits: burgers. NSW Food Authorities have been penalising restaurants that fail to cook through their burger patties, leaving them pink. Apparently, it's a question of low temperatures potentially breeding more bacteria. (Did somebody say nanny state?)

Government guidelines suggest cooking meat at 71°C, that's at least 15°C over what gourmet chefs the likes of Neil Perry (of Burger Project and Rockpool Bar & Grill) like to cook theirs at, with the power to issue fines of up to $1,540 if they aren't adhered to. However, superchefs such as Dan Hong and Colin Fassnidge have defended their choice to serve pink burgers to Delicious, explaining that it showcases the high quality of their product.

So, for all those partial to a steak medium-to-bloody, you gotta fight for your right to eat patties (how you like them).

NSW, your burgers may soon be getting the lockout treatment