MoVida Sydney to host a Spanish seafood feast

MoVida Sydney to host a Spanish seafood feast


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Forget the Sunday roast - for the Spanish, it's all about Sunday seafood

And tempranillo. And siesta. Experience all three (maybe wait 'til you get home for the siesta) at Surry Hills' MoVida on Sunday August 16, when arguably one of the country's best Spanish chefs, Frank Camorra, hosts La Fiesta Del Mar - the Festival of the Sea - a long Sunday lunch serving up traditional Spanish dishes using Australian seafood.

The Spanish, Camorra tells us, eat more seafood than anyone else in Europe, with prawns, cod, white fish and shellfish the staple ingredients. "You walk down the street and you can overhear young women talk about the way they best love mackerel," Camorra says. "People get excited about going to their favourite bar that sells a dish of clams in jamon and sherry sauce. It's part of the very nature of being Spanish to have a love of seafood."

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MoVida's five-course seafood feast includes Ensalada de Cangreio - soft shell mud crab with fennel, pine nut and raisin salad, pescado asado - whole baked pink snapper with poor man's potatoes and the classic Galician almond tart Tara Santiago with fennel pollen ice-cream. Salivating already? Tickets are $110 per person and include beer or a glass of traditional Cava on arrival and coffee with dessert. Bookings are essential:

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