Which Aussie holiday hotspot has MoVida moved to?

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With five Australian establishments under its belt, the MoVida restaurant group has successfully added another popular location to its portfolio... but you'll need to pack a suitcase to try it

When it comes to island destinations that Aussies flock to, you don't get much hotter than Bali. So naturally, the Indonesian getaway was the perfect stomping ground for MoVida's next culinary outlay, adding to the four MoVidas eateries already in Melbourne and one in Sydney. Opening at the beginning of January this year, MoVida Bali is a joint venture between restaurateur Frank Camorra and another Bali favourite: Seminyak's Potato Head Beach Club.

Located just a stone's throw from the beach-facing Potato Head Beach Club, MoVida Bali is part of a grander plan -it's positioned in the same complex as the soon-to-be opened Katamama Hotel (due for unveiling in March). With a menu that boasts the same traditional tapas plates as all the Australian MoVida establishments (think Spanish-sourced cuts of jamon serrano and chorizo, plus raciones like chilled seafood salad with avocado puree), the Bali version is also taking a local angle with dishes that reference the tropical location, such as a delicious cut of tuna belly, topped with finely slices watermelon, beetroot and pickled cucamelon.

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Another notable difference from the Australian MoVida restaurants is the interiors - with everything from the bricks to the teak furniture sourced from local Balinese craftsman and artisans. Even the more quirky touches, such as the Danish mid-century dining chairs and floor lamps are vintage, owing to this waste-not ethos. The sustainable vibe also extends to the cocktail bar, with most concoctions an enticing blend of exotic native fruits and locally produced Indonesian arak (a distilled spirit you may have heard horror stories about, but we assure you MoVida's version is safe!). There's even a wall of bottled arak, infused with fruits you've likely never seen or heard of before - and they're definitely worth a taste.

Expect to find plenty of Aussies and visiting Europeans perched on the cocktail bar stools and in the restaurant, especially when the PTT Family's first hotel Katamama opens in March. Boasting locally sourced building materials and Indonesian interiors and artwork, Katamama is cut from the cloth as MoVida.

For more information on MoVida Bali, head to or To learn more about Katamama and Potato Head Beach Club, visit

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