Calling all hungry night owls, we've gathered a highlight reel of Sydney's best open-late kitchens - just for you

Staying up past your bedtime used to mean hunger pangs could only be satisfied one of a few ways - a packet of two-minute ramen, a meat pie from the servo, or a drive by of the closest 24-hour fast food outlets. So far, so unappealing. As luck would have it, Sydney is blessed with extraordinary talent of the chef variety and they've responded to the witching hour howl of hungry night owls looking for real food. Supper clubs are cropping up at some of Sydney's most delicious eateries, resulting in nine after-dark options well worth staying up for.

Here's the skinny on where to get the best eats in Sydney way, way, way after lights out.

Midnight feast: the 9 best late night eats in Sydney