Which cult Sydney burger joint is now delivering?

Which cult Sydney burger joint is now delivering?

Drool to door

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A Mary’s burger dispatched to your door during silly season? Somehow we don’t think this is a lucky coincidence

A saviour for the hungover, sick, lazy and inebriated, delivered-to-your-door eats have traditionally been confined to pizza and takeaway Asian - until now. First it was wine and then came Messina, and now just in time for Christmas comes news that one of Sydney's favourite burger connoisseurs - Mary's - is offering home delivery. Ohhh yeah.

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Which cult Sydney burger joint is now delivering? (фото 1)

The Newtown burger boys have partnered with Aussie delivery service Deliveroo, promising to bring their delicious burgers, fried chicken, mash n gravy and fries to your door within 32 minutes. For a flat rate fee of $5, no less. The only catch? You have to be located within nine CBD Sydney areas to access the service (we knew there was a reason rent on cramped inner-city pads was so exorbitant...). 

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If you're lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Sydney's CBD, The Rocks, Haymarket, Surry Hills, Paddington, Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo, Elizabeth Bay and Potts Point, then you can order from the Deliveroo website or download the app (iOS only). The culinary service runs from Monday to Saturday, 12pm to 10pm. 

While you make up your mind what to order, watch this clip below to see exactly what to expect from your Mary's Deliveroo experience (burger in face not guaranteed).

Which cult Sydney burger joint is now delivering? (фото 2)

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