Man up: the 27 best places to get your dude food fix

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Image: Image: Devon Cafe Surry Hills

When a stack of kale looks about as appetising as eating a wet sock, it's time to turn to dude food for a chargrilled, fried or smoked-out real man meal 

Whether you're a burger, brisket, slider, hot dog, ribs, fries, or fried chicken kind of person, think yourself lucky we have foodie friends in the charming US of A. Thanks to their love for all things deep fried and deliciously unhealthy, their culinary skills with a barbecue, grill, smoker, and fryer are second to none. And now, these hearty, satisfying eats, fondly known as 'dude food' have been perfected and adopted by our own hometown chefs.

Authentic to the last, our chefs are employing custom US-made smokers to take your tastebuds on a soul food journey to the US, no passport required. Check your calorie counter at the door, uncap a craft brew or two and you've got yourself a heart-starter of a meal.

Scroll through for the top 27 places around Australia to man up, foodie style.

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