For lovers of Italian food one of the issues is that many Italian restaurants are more evening than lunchtime because you need a lot more time than one short lunch break to really enjoy a plate of hand-made pasta doused in rich tomato sauce with a digestive glass of red.

But waiting until the sun sets to get your Italian fix can just be too long, especially when it's only 8am and a craving for some fresh, authentic Italian flavours hits.

Lucky then that the brothers behind Paddington's fine dining Italian, Cipri, feel the same way and have just opened an authentic, all-day casual Italian café and gourmet food store called Barbetta next door to Cipri on Elizabeth Street in Paddington.

Barbetta in Paddington. Image: Nikki To

The new Italian is open all day for breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee or early sundowners at the bar, plus takeaway meals which will surely save many a hungry nine-to-fiver on their way home to an empty fridge.

Breakfast dishes cover all the continental bases from pancakes with ricotta and figs to baked eggs with tomato and toasted sourdough. Or save room for lunch and hit the lasagne hard (word on the eat street is it's one of the best lasagnes in town) or go for an Italian-style burger if you're feeling like an even heartier option.

Barbetta in Paddington. Image: Nikki To

Barbetta is located at 2-8 Elizabeth St, Paddington.

Love Italian food? Paddington’s got a new place to get your fix