Just like magic: there’s now a Unicorn Café in Bangkok

Text: Lucie Clark

If you're a fan of the mythical unicorn (and frankly who isn't?) a visit to this Thai capital café is well worth the price of the plane ticket

The unicorn is the most beloved of all mythical creatures - where dragons could cause some serious singe damage with their fire breathing habit - should you happen to meet a unicorn and if the legends hold true you'll probably gain cool magical powers, get your own rainbow, a chest of endless gold and will live very happily ever after... It makes sense then that with so much going for it, this mythical horned beauty has a huge fan base around the globe - people are completely addicted to the pastel-coloured magical dream that is the unicorn with strong representation pretty much everywhere from soft toys to art to films and even in Silicon Valley where the unicorn is a start-up valued at over $1 billion.

So the news that a café entirely dedicated to this legendary animal has opened in Bangkok seems like a dream come true for the unicorn fan universe. Everything is pastel-coloured rainbow unicorn - from the walls to the floors to the unicorn toys, dolls, accessories and even the food (think: rainbow-hued cake, pastel spaghetti served with a side of My Little Pony Unicorn). It's a unicornucopia and a must-visit if you find yourself in the Thai capital - if just for the #unicorn insta brags.

The Unicorn Café is open Tuesday - Sunday at Soi Sathorn 8 BTS Chongnonsi Bangkok, Thailand.

Just like magic: there’s now a Unicorn Café in Bangkok (фото 1)

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