And when we say giant we mean cartoon-sized large, like the size of a face! Now that's paying due respect. The origins of National Doughnut Day are murky at best and are probably Simpson's-related but hey, we're not complaining or looking too closely at how this sweet-toothed day came into existence. And while it's not a national holiday (yet) it's important work to mark doughnut day respectfully by getting involved with some of that round doughy, sugar-topped sweetness.

Sure, you can get yourself a gluten-free version or a regular-sized one, but to truly celebrate  you need to go large with Doughnut Time's limited edition giant doughnuts. Quadruple the size of a regular round ring of dough, the giant doughnuts come in three flavours: a Nutella-filled, chocolate-glazed version topped with crispy M & M's called 'big poppa'; a classic strawberry glazed version with rainbow sprinkles; a vegan red velvet doughnut frosted with vegan cookies and cream, crushed choc ripple biscuits and vegan chocolate glaze drizzle. Permission to drool.

Doughnut Time giant doughnut

National Doughnut Day is June 2 2017. Doughnut Time's giant doughnuts will be available in all Doughnut Time stores (store locations can be found here) from Friday June 2 until Thursday June 8.

It’s National Doughnut Day! Celebrate with a GIANT doughnut