Introducing Matt Moran’s cool new bar and grill

Introducing Matt Moran’s cool new bar and grill

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Celeb chef Matt Moran has taken the wheel on Paddington local The Paddington Inn and revamped it into a slick new dining destination called the Paddo Inn Bar & Grill

Matt Moran has the midas touch when it comes to dining in our harbourside city with his Woollahra diner, Chiswick one of the hottest tables in town and Aria one of the finest dining destinations in the 2000 postcode. So when Moran's got a new project to show off, the excitement is palpable.

Returning to the Paddo Inn, the very first kitchen he earned his culinary stripes in is like a little bit of sweet history repeating itself but with a cooler, slicker, 2017 update. The newly revamped eatery has been renamed the Paddo Inn Bar & Grill - the name revealing the restaurant's identity - an elevated grill that also happens to serve very good drinks. The menu is all about showcasing the best of Aussie beef and seafood with Moran's signature seasonal produce-driven ethos. Highlights include Darling Downs scotch fillet, snapper with greens and verjuice, Berkshire pork cutlet with apple sauce and charred cabbage.

In a statement Moran said, "I'm very excited to be overseeing the Grill at the Paddo Inn, where it all started for me. When we launched seven months ago, we didn't get the dining room offering quite right it was too fine dining. We've listened to our regulars and made it the Grill they wanted. For me there is nothing better than a great piece of meat or seafood cooked simply and that's exactly what we're doing at Paddo Inn Bar & Grill." Sounds like those suggestion boxes work after all...

Paddo Inn Bar & Grill is located at 338 Oxford St, Paddington and is open for lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and dinner Monday to Sunday.

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