Or at least, it's about to - next week marks the official start of summer (hard to believe we're not there yet given Sydney's sweltering 38-degree weather today) and with it, the full swing of the festive season. The best way to kick off end-of-year celebrations? Icebergs' annual First Day of Summer party next Tuesday December 1.

It's the 13th outing of this Bondi special and there are no caveats - just an amazing time. You don't need to book, entry is free and canapes are complimentary. Sounds good to us - especially the canape menu, which includes Icebergs' to-die-for polenta chips, saffron and mozzarella arancini, kingfish bruschetta and beer and truffle rotolo, among other moreish bites.

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Icebergs owner Maurice Terzini had this to say about Icebergs' shindig: "FDOS started with a few friends having a drink celebrating how lucky we are to live with and enjoy the Pacific Ocean! Nothing has changed except now we're celebrating with a lot more friends... live love Bondi!" Head to idrb.com for more info.

The first party of summer is happening in Bondi

The first party of summer is happening in Bondi

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