I came for cake: Sydney’s 10 most iconic desserts

I came for cake: Sydney’s 10 most iconic desserts

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The desserts on this list are worth skipping the entree and main for, they’re that good

Eating out is as much about dishwasher outsourcing as it is about eating delicious dishes you could never create in your own kitchen (unless Peter Gilmore is your housemate - lucky you). And as anyone crazy enough to attempt a sweet culinary item involving a blowtorch will attest, the dessert game is no easy walk in the park. Luckily the chefs in Sydney town are the grand high masters of the art. Their desserts hit the sweet spot hard.

From the iconic snow egg at Quay to the mystery of Saké's dragon egg chocolate surprise, we present our favourite 10 Sydney addresses to get your just desserts.

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Snow egg, Quay
The crunchy, gooey goodness of Peter Gilmore's famous egg-shaped meringue dessert is a bucket list must-eat. It's everything a dessert should be - toffee biscuit on the outside, poached meringue filled with custard apple ice cream on the inside, on a chill bed of ice-cold granita. Iconic for a reason.


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Peanut butter and banana sundae, Hartsyard
The siren call of Hartsyard's pretzel ice cream, banana doughnut, salted caramel, and drizzled chocolate sauce sundae is hard to ignore any day of the week and twice as hard on a Sunday. Also, it's got banana, so it's practically a 'healthy choice'.


Cherry jam lamington, Bennelong
The Country Women's Association would surely award Bennelong's cherry jam the best-looking lamington in town. The flavours are also good looking and deliciously reminiscent of unravelling a Russian matryoshka doll - cherry jam ice cream centre, encased in crumbly cake, coated with creamy cherry, topped with chocolate glaze, surrounded by white curls of coconut ice cream.


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Passionfruit, Guillaume
Like a rock star going by a single moniker, the signature soufflé at Guillaume's fine French diner needs only one name - passionfruit. It comes with a side of passionfruit and banana sorbet plus crème anglaise. Perfection.


The cremino, A Tavola
Handsome Italian A Tavolo's off-menu trademark dessert, the cremino puts paid to 'don't judge a dessert by its cover'. This frothy, creamy, meringue, nougat, chocolate goodness looks just a like an espresso, down to the understated brown cappuccino cup it's served in. Giving it the ideal disguise to avoid the "can I have some/never in a million years" table talk.


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Catherine's Passionfruit Pavlova, Rockpool Bar and Grill
We never met a pavlova we didn't like and this classic Aussie dessert at Neil Perry's chic haunt is no exception. Light as the proverbial, mouth-watering and yet deliciously tart. Catherine whoever you are, just, thanks...


Stoner's Delight part 3, Ms. G's
This dessert from the Potts Point eastern eatery reads like the greatest shopping list of all time: doughnut ice cream, peanut dulce de leche, peanut and pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, Mars Bar brownie, passionfruit curd, potato chips and deep fried nutella.


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Chocolate dragon egg surprise, Saké
Precision Japanese chefery combines weird science and chocolate to create Saké's enigmatic dessert. Once the liquid nitrogen smoke clears, crack the chocolate egg casing for an eye-popping yum interior of dark choc mousse, mango caramel and chocolate soil. The ultimate grown up Easter egg hunt prize.


Tetsuya's chocolate cake, Tetsuya's
Tetsuya's decadent dessert is not so much a cake as a round mound of high-shine chocolate gloss filled with chocolate (natch) and a rotation of delicious ingredients like vanilla, hazelnut, or macadamia.  Well worth the next day workout.


Any dessert-led brunch at Ananas
The French are the ruling gastronomy party when it comes to desserts. And French bistro Ananas in The Rocks toes the sweet party line with their ever changing, always amazing dessert menu (think vacherin with peach parfait or traditional tarte tartin), but for the true sweet tooth treat book into one of their legendary brunches. Recent editions include a Mad Hatter's Long Champagne brunch featuring a fanciful dessert table as far as the eye and mouth could see.

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