Hotter than hell: 3 Sydney foodie hotspots

Hotter than hell: 3 Sydney foodie hotspots

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Text: Anna McClelland

Think you know Sydney's food scene back to front? Not until you've experienced these three heaving eateries, writes food critic Anthony Huckstep

2016 marks a time when the apprentice supersedes the master. The country is experiencing a revolution of the dining and imbibing kind and it's being driven by the enthusiasm of youthful - and talented as hell - professionals. Here's a snapshot of what's hot in Sydney - go on, jump in the fire.

1. Restaurant Hubert, 15 Bligh Street, Sydney

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The most anticipated opening of 2016. Housed in a subterranean CBD space, Hubert is the brainchild of chef Dan Pepperell (10 William Street), and The Swillhouse Group, which is behind arguably Sydney's best bars - Shady Pines, The Baxter Inn and Frankie's. The largest French-inspired bistro in Sin City has seven different spaces, more booze than a rock band's rider and even a baby piano for performances. It is the hottest place in the country right now.

Must have: Steak, fries and seaweed butter.

2. Two Chaps, 122 Chapel St, Marrickville

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Real Aussie men only eat meat? Grow up. Two Chaps knows better. It's here to prove you wrong with arguably the best vegetarian in Sin City. In fact, it is one of our best cafes, regardless of its fleshless menu. The menu sways from the Mediterranean to South America with style and substance and the coffee leaves many for dead. The garage-style suburban café is a clear sign of maturity in our food scene, and the queues are testament to such.

Must have: Black bean burger on brioche with smoked mozzarella, sour cream and jalapeño coriander salsa.

3. Continental Deli Bar Bistro, 210 Australia St, Newtown

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That 1950s coutured crew is at it again. First it was Bodega, then Porteño, and now Continental - the deli and bar Sydney needed. Downstairs a bounty of canned seafood, flirty fromages and classic cocktails entertain a rather boisterous crowd. Meanwhile, upstairs, the bistro offers Euro classics from chefs Elvis Abrahanowicz and Jesse Warkentin. In the bar, Mikey Nicolian has devised a cocktail list (headed by his quirky canned Martini - The Mar Tinny!) like no other, with some stellar Euro wines to match it. 

Must have: The Mar Tinny - martini in a can.

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