Holiday spirits: the advent calendar taking the edge off Christmas


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What to give the booze-hound in your life that has everything? 

Who remembers the joy you felt as a child when advent calendar-time rolled around? Granted, it was mainly because it meant chocolate for breakfast, but also, it was a sweet reminder that Santa was not far away.  Now, as any adult who has bought one in a fleeting moment of nostalgia-seeking knows, the chocolate inside advent calendars is actually awful. It's always that cheap, too-sweet, disintegrate-in-your-mouth type, but you eat it anyway because, holiday season stress.

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Finally, from the why-did-we-not-think-of-that files, comes UK company Drinks by the Dram, who has come to the party by creating a range of alcoholic advent calendars. The little boxes each feature 24 different 30mL bottles of booze sourced from well-known brands, as well as boutique and hard-to-find distilleries around the world. While we love the standout Ginvent and Ginvent Botanical calendars, depending on your chosen poison, the company also sell variations with everything from whiskey to rum, vodka, tequila, cognac and beyond. 

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