Virgin Mobile have heard (overheard? Are they listening to calls? A question for another time, we've got free avo to discuss) that millennials are getting blamed for all sorts of society-impacting issues such as never moving out of home because a love of dining out on smashed avo on toast means no money in the bank to pay for their own place.

But because Virgin Mobile is a doer, they're not happy to let millennials take all this societal blame and have flipped the script to the positive of consuming so many avocados: the booming avocado farming industry. Teaming up with The Betoota Advocate and local avocado farmers, Virgin is on a mission to 'avo-cate' a fairer go for millennials.

In a statement avocado famer John Atkin said millennials are, "...our brightest future, and our biggest customers!"

In support of this 'avo-cate' movement, today Virgin Mobile has taken over Little Evie café in Redfern serving FREE smashed avocado on toast to the first 100 customers through the door or until 11.30am, whichever comes first.

You can show your support by snapping your avo and toast and sharing via the hashtag #AvoFairGo.

Virgin Mobile's takeover of Little Evie, Redfern is on now until 11.30am. Little Evie is located at 688 Bourke St, Redfern. One smashed avo on toast per customer and offer is valid just for the first 100 customers through the door.

Hey millennials, want FREE smashed avo on toast today?