Happy World Nutella Day: here’s where you can ‘treat yo self’

Happy World Nutella Day: here’s where you can ‘treat yo self’

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Who ever said Mondays were bad, clearly didn’t account for the fact that World Nutella Day falls on one

Today marks a very special day for chocolate lovers (A.K.A. pretty much everyone): World Nutella Day - a celebration of the special creamy chocolate and hazelnut-infused spread sold all over the globe and loved by millions - so, naturally it gets it's own day. And while we actually didn't need a legitimate excuse to dive headfirst into a jar of Nutella, well, at least we've got one now! To celebrate what can only be descried in our eyes as 'the best day ever' (yup, it's definitely up there with Christmas Day), we've rounded up where you can get the most mouth-watering Nutella-dedicated treats to enjoy on this wonderful Monday.

NB: If you miss out on one of these hazelnut spread desserts, you could get your fix the old fashion way: spoon, entire jar, couch *no judgement.*

Brunetti, Melbourne

What's better than Nutella? Free Nutella! Melbourne's Brunetti Café will be handing out custom, Nutella-focused Italian classics to its customers to celebrate World Nutella Day. Think pancakes doused with a hefty dose of the good stuff and croissants, Italian donuts, piadinas and cannolis stuffed with the delicious hazelnut spread. Is it rude to grab one of everything or rude not to? The sweet treats will only be handed out to the first 1000 people to walk into their Flinders Lane store (doors open at 7:30am), so you have to be quick.

Brunetti Café, 250 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000.

Brunetti, Melbourne (image: supplied)

Doughtnut Time, various locations

Doughnut Time has come up with four Nutella-focused doughnuts especially for World Nutella Day. The pack includes: 'Tella She's Dreaming (Nutella-filled, chocolate glaze, Nutella drizzle, Nutella brownie, sprinkles and topped with a mini Nutella jar); Stranger Rings 2.0 (chocolate glazed with Oreo crumbs, Nutella and glitter); Love At First Bite (Nutella-filled, dusted with cinnamon sugar); and Montella Jordan (cream glaze, Nutella-filled, sprinkles, hazelnuts, mini chocolate chips and a mini Nutella jar). Worth every calorie if you ask us!

Doughnut Time (image: supplied)

Spanish Doughnuts, Melbourne

This Hawthorn dessert bar serves Nutella-filled Churros - a crisp and puffy pastry coated in sweet cinnamon sugar and stuffed with oozing Nutella. But the best part is, they're open 24/7 so you can 'treat yo self' at any hour of the day (or night), which is super convenient when you reach the bottom of your Nutella jar. Maybe on World Nutella Day we'll order two, just to be safe.

Flinders Street Station, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Happy World Nutella Day: here’s where you can ‘treat yo self’ (фото 1)

Piccolina Gelateria, Melbourne

On World Nutella Day, you can't go past a gelato store that serves a flavour dubbed 'Better Than Nutella', and you also can't just take their word for it. The flavour is a cult favourite among this Collingwood ice creamery's customers (not just on World Nutella Day). It's 100% natural and made from house-roasted hazelnuts, butter, chocolate and cocoa powder. And if that ingredients list doesn't get you in the door faster than you can say hazelnut, they've also got Nutella on tap. Enough said.

802 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122.

Piccolina Gelateria, Melbourne (image: @piccolinagelateria)

BOY & Co., Melbourne

It just goes to show, you can put Nutella on just about anything and it will taste delicious. Case in point: The 'Nutella Fry-Scream' from Boy & Co in Malvern. For days when you want both sweet and salty, the deep-fried potato chips come smothered in Nutella and served with a cup of soft serve ice cream to dip them in. If that doesn't satisfy your choc-hazelnut craving, they also have a number of delicious shakes to order on the side. But we're pretty confident the Nutella Fries will hit the spot.

224 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144.

BOY & Co., Melbourne (image: @boyshakes)

Happy World Nutella Day: here’s where you can ‘treat yo self’ (фото 2)

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