Happy Martini Day: how to mix The Legendary Martini

Happy Martini Day: how to mix The Legendary Martini

Shaken or stirred?

Text: Yeong Sassall

Turns out you can improve on perfection. In celebration of World Martini Day, we show you how to mix up a twist on the classic

How do you take your 'tini? Gin or vodka? Shaken or stirred? Dry or wet? Dirty or with a twist? For all its simplicity, the martini is a crazy complex cocktail, not to mention highly personal - a well-made one can make your day just as much as a bad one can break you.

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While nothing hits the spot like the classic (stirred, dry, with a twist, please), according to the statistic geniuses at Belvedere Vodka, there are a staggering 9.6 quadrillion variations of the martini out there to be made. "The martini's durability is testament to its ability to withstand many variables," says Claire Smith, Head of Spirit Creation & Mixology at Belvedere Vodka. "But today we restrict ourselves to only asking for shaken or stirred, lemon or olive."

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Of course, its Friday, and we're on the downslope to cocktail-o'clock, but today is also world martini day, so, with a little help from mixologist Serena O'Callaghan of Melbourne's Jungle Boy Bar, we're encouraging the purists to mix it up (literally) with this twist on the classic. 

The Legendary Martini by Serena O'Callaghan
50mL Belvedere Unfiltered
10mL Regal Rogue

1. Clap the basil.
2. Ice, stir, strain and pour.
3. Garnish with a grapefruit peel and enjoy.

How are you celebrating world martini day? Tag @Buro247Australia and @BelvedereVodkaAU #WorldMartiniDay on Instagram and don't forget to drink responsibly.

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