The French launch an entirely green dinner in Paris

The French launch an entirely green dinner in Paris

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In further proof that the world is changing, one green juice at a time, Parisian hotel Shangri-La is launching a “100% Green Dinners” series

The French aren't exactly known for their commitment to a clean-eating lifestyle - all that butter, bread and cream is kind of the antithesis to the health purist movement currently sweeping through the First World. Which is why this move by Paris' Shangri-La Hotel is all the more extraordinary - the launch of an 100 per cent green dinner menu at their La Bauhinia restaurant. 

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The French launch an entirely green dinner in Paris (фото 1)

Led by executive chef Christophe Moret, the vegetable driven five-course menu is guided by local harvest and gives guests the chance to interact with the wine growers, farmers or gardeners whose produce is featured. Focusing on natural and ethical-sourced ingredients, once a month Moret delivers a new set of dishes, with complementary wines selected by head sommelier Cédric Maupoint, plus tea, coffee and yes, even an obligatory kale, celery, cucumber and ginger juice on the cocktail menu.

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If you're thinking this all sounds a bit healthy (read: boring), rest assured it's anything but. Menu items like Tomato Bloody Mary and Spring Rolls made from watermelon stuffed with soup herbs; Turnips and Red Beetroots roasted in a wood-burning oven; Strawberries scented with Sangria, and coconut and lime sorbet, will likely make you think differently.

In another inspired touch, the restaurant will transform the dining room into a green haven, with nature-inspired décor and even a DJ, to keep the atmosphere, like the menu, light. Kicking off on July 9, the series will run on the first Thursday of every month from September through to December.

Priced at €68 (approx. AUD$99) for a five-course meal (not including drinks), visit for more details.

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