From brunch to cocktail hour: 7 ways to drink coffee all day

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Coffee liqueur addict and co-founder of Mr Black shares how you can shake up your coffee intake

Can't function without your morning coffee? We feel ya; the smell of your local café's AM brew is enough to cause goose bumps rise on your neck. But your coffee obsession does not need to end at a morning cuppa, and is not limited to an extra strong large latte. We chatted to co-founder of Mr Black coffee liqueur, Tom Baker on all things coffee liqueur, how he likes his coffee (coffee liqueur, vodka and cold brew - obviously!), and his seven ways to shake up your daily coffee intake. 

Why coffee liqueur? Where did the passion come from?

I wasn't a coffee liqueur guy - have you tried most coffee liqueurs? Sticky sweet, fake as Warney's forehead. The honest truth is one day I met this guy called Philip Moore -  he turned out to be one of the most dedicated and awarded distillers in Australia and he gave me a sample of this coffee stuff he was working on. From that first sip - and I mean this quite literally - my life has never been the same.

What is your favourite coffee cocktail?

I'm absolutely crushing on the Mike Russian from Bondi Beach Public Bar at the moment. It's a blend of Mr Black, vodka and macadamia milk; a classic 80's lo-fi cocktail made right for 2018 with a great non-dairy mod to lighten it up a bit. [It's the] next big drink in 2018 - watch this space.

What are the key cocktail making ingredients and materials you think that everyone needs to have at home?

Making cocktails at home can be a bit of fun - but really to make good drinks you need a large variety and small volumes of good spirits. It's an expensive thing. My advice to cocktail drinkers is to check out pre-batched cocktails from winners like The Everleigh, Bar Americano or Hippocampus - tasty drinks that require nothing more than a freezer to stick a bottle and a chilled glass into.

[But] if you're hell-bent on shaking-or-stirring up a classic: good ice is the basis of good drinks. None of this cheap servo bagged stuff. Big lumps of cold ice straight from your freezer will take your cocktail game to the next level.

Best time of day to have a coffee cocktail?

Trust me on this - crush a Cold Brew Martini (Mr Black, Vodka and Cold Brew) at brunch on a Sunday and tell me you don't have a next-level afternoon. Guaranteed.

Click through the gallery above for Mr Black co-founder, Tom Baker's seven ways to drink coffee all day. 

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