French luxe: the surprising secret to Grey Goose Vodka

French luxe: the surprising secret to Grey Goose Vodka

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There’s more to Grey Goose than just smooth, great tasting vodka – here, we explain what sets it apart from the pack

When you think of things the French have mastered - such as pastry, couture and the art of looking elegantly undone - vodka is kind of far down on the list. Blame the easy association of vodka and the chilly Eastern Bloc countries, but it's an assumption that stands to be corrected.

Because as far as French luxury items go, Grey Goose Vodka can easily be counted among them. Boasting craftsmanship and only the finest locally sourced ingredients, the recipe for Grey Goose Vodka was created by François Thibault, a French-born cognac maître de chai (or 'cellar master'). Using wheat only grown in the fertile Picardy region of Northern France, it is Thibault's insistence on using soft winter wheat - the very same stuff used in high-quality French breads and pastries - that gives Grey Goose Vodka its signature smoothness and distinct flavour.

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Grey Goose Vodka is distilled only once, using a continuous-column distillation process that ensures the quality of the wheat remains. After the wheat has undergone the fermentation and distillation process, it's sent south to Gensac-La-Pallue (the famed Cognac region of France) where it is blended with limestone-filtered spring water taken from an exclusive well in the region.

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It doesn't end there. Each batch of Grey Goose is subject to over 550 daily quality control checks before it is finally approved and tasted by Thibault himself. A connoisseur of only the finest spirits imaginable, with an expertise honed by years of craftsmanship, Thibault's creation is undeniably luxe and wholly unique. From the signature corks in each bottle, to the flying geese etched on the glass - it's no wonder the French have claimed Grey Goose as one of the world's best and most luxurious vodkas.    

Grey Goose Vodka is currently hosting a pop up bakery/cafe, La Boulangerie at Yellow in Potts Point until September 6. Visit for details.

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