Eeek! France is running out of butter!

Eeek! France is running out of butter!


Text: Noelle Faulkner

We don't mean to alarm anyone, but there's a butter shortage in France and will somebody think of the croissants?!

Just when you think the banana crisis of 2011, the Nutella shortage of 2015 or the avocado hike of 2016 were bad, prepare for the worst: the French butter crisis. That's right, it's being reported that France, motherland of all things delicious and dairy-based, is running out of butter.  And it's impacting the croissant prices.

As reported by The Guardian this week, failing milk yields across France and Europe, together with a huge demand for dairy, is pushing up the cost of the spreadable gold and, as one would expect, in France, the majority of milk is used for cheese, milk and cream, not butter. "Last April, we were paying €2,500 a tonne,"  Matthieu Labbé of the baking industry body Federation of Enterprises of Bakery said. "Now it's €5,300. At best, consumers are going to have to pay more. At worst, we may no longer be able to get butter."  Earlier this month, the FEB released a statement commenting on the rise adding to the countries panic. "These price levels are completely new," it read. "The price of the volatile butter had never reached such highs." The problem soon will be to find butter. We would like to avoid production lines having to stop, "adds Labbé.

Making matters worse, this shortage is directly impacting the country's 30,000+ boulangeries and will likely end in a hiked cost of the beloved croissant - which is made with 25 per cent butter.  Fabien Castanier of the federation of French biscuit and cake-makers commented, "The industry is under unsustainable pressure, and it's going to get worse. There's a real risk of butter running out." Terrifying, non?

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