Five new restaurants are coming to Darling Square

Five new restaurants are coming to Darling Square

Tragically, you'll have to wait until April to try them

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There's a place where you can have your ramen with a side of karaoke.

The burgeoning food precinct at Darling Square is adding five new eateries to an area that already includes delicious burgers from 8 Bit and cult-status banh mi from Marrickville Pork Roll.

Modelled after hole-in-the-wall eateries of Shinjuku, BangBang is an izakaya-style venue serving ramen and Japanese curries. Although the official menu has yet to be released, it's headed by ex-Nobu chef Kokubo Yuji, so it's bound to be good.

There's even a karaoke room so you can belt out your best rendition of Don't Stop Believin'. Wallflowers, don't worry, BangBang has an incredible craft beer and whisky list, so you can get a bit of liquid courage before making your stage debut.

The Sandwich Shop of Surry Hills fame is also joining the precinct bringing an enormous sandwich menu. Look out for the BBQ beef brisket with dijon mustard and caramelised onion or the wasabi tuna with alfalfa and wasabi mayo.


If gyros are more your style, Bexley's Gyradiko is bringing an incredible menu that's exclusively pork - no beef, no lamb, just like they do it in Greece.


Sweets and a pick-me-up can be found at MATCH-YA where you can find all things matcha, including lattes, fondue, parfait and matcha soft serve. It's enough matcha (and caffeine) to have you buzzing for hours.


If you know the southern Chinese style food of Two Sticks (Haymarket), you'll be excited to hear that the team is tackling Sichuan food at Ricefields. It'll be a modern take on the cuisine with plenty of pickles and those incredible, mouth-numbing Sichuan chillies.

For anyone who struggles with decision-making, best of luck to you. We have no idea where we'd eat first either, but we all have until April to decide.

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