Fancy a free breakfast bowl?

Fancy a free breakfast bowl?

Morning glory

Text: Anna McClelland

If you live in certain parts of Sydney or Melbourne, a free brekky could be coming your way

City workers might have noticed a breakfast bar spring up around Martin Place over the last two days, giving away free granola, porridge, fresh fruit, nuts and yoghurt. Now, it's on the move, popping up at Cronulla Mall tomorrow morning, Manly Ferry Wharf on Sunday and Monday and Centenary Square, Parramatta, on Tuesday, before heading to various Melbourne locations for the rest of the week.

Who's giving away free breakfast? It's an Uncle Toby's O&G initiative designed to start your day off on the right foot (and, um, promote their O&G granola and oatmeal). They've even enlisted the help of The Happiness Institute to find the best, non-breakfast-related ways to promote positivity - you might get a side of fresh flowers, puppies to cuddle or a quick meditation class with your porridge.

There's just one catch - you only get free brekky if you give them a smile. So maybe make sure you've had your coffee first. Find out more at

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