The festive consumption of food and drink was of utmost importance in the Roman Empire. Roman banquets have been described as a feast for the senses, a world full of opulence, flavour and comradery - and that's exactly the vision Flavio Carnevale had for his new Roman restaurant MARTA.

Located in Rushcutters Bay where Carnevale's Popolo previously was, MARTA embodies the colour and personality of Roman osterias, adding a distinct regional stamp on Sydney's thriving Italian dining scene. Born from Flavio's 10-year residency in Rome, every detail of MARTA, from the menu and drinks list to the aesthetic, has been thoughtfully curated to reflect the attitude of Rome's famed eateries.

"When we envisioned MARTA, we honed in on that Roman piazza feeling where everybody knows everybody," says Flavio. "We were looking at sites in the city for MARTA, but our concept kept bringing us back to Rushcutters Bay. It became an obvious fit."

Eat like an emperor: Rushcutters Bay has a new restaurant

The bustling open-plan kitchen will serve authentic Italian dishes including bucatini mussels with tomato and pecorino, crumbed fried rice, mince and mozzarella croquettes, fried globe artichokes, lamb tomahawk spicy chicory and wood-fired Roman pizza. MARTA will also have daily house specials, served under head chef Christuan Jordaan.

Eat like an emperor: Rushcutters Bay has a new restaurant

The Roman focus will also show through the bar offering with a spritz bar-inspired cocktail list and a wine list that pays homage to the current generation of winemakers from the surrounds of Rome and central Italy, poured from custom handmade terracotta decanters. The restaurant's aesthetic also speaks to the characteristics of Roman culture, with a long communal table perfectly placed for large families and celebrations, alongside small intimate tables for everyday guests, bar seating with high-topped tables for drop-ins, and a sun-drenched courtyard emulating the famous drinking holes in Rome.

Eat like an emperor: Rushcutters Bay has a new restaurant

And for die-hard fans of the former southern Italian Popolo, don't panic - it will breathe again in a new CBD location, slated to open in late 2018.


MARTA is located at 30 McLachlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW.

Opening hours:

Dinner: 17:30 to late (Tuesday - Saturday)

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: 09:00 to late (Sunday)

Eat like an emperor: Rushcutters Bay has a new restaurant