Eat clean: Sydney’s 8 healthiest eateries

Low-cal lunch

Text: Lucie Clark

Dining out doesn't have to mean going up a post-meal dress size with the slew of super healthy and delicious eateries Sydney has to offer

Eating out can be an unintentional exercise in upsizing even if you choose the 'healthy' option, because who knows what secret ingredients chefs are adding to make their meals taste so good (we're guessing butter, a lot of it). Luckily in beachside, bikini-clad Sydney there are a ton of healthy chefs that know that what you put into your body is clearly on parade outside of your body and so their food needs to be clean and lean. They also have the skills to make even the most unappetizing meal of health-giving grains/vegs/fruits utterly, mouth-wateringly delicious; proving that dining out can be clean, lean and incredibly gourmet.

Scroll through for eight of Sydney's healthiest places to eat out: 

Eat clean: Sydney’s 8 healthiest eateries (фото 1)


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