Early riser: the 10 best bakeries in Melbourne

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The lure of the perfect puff of flaky pastry is hard to resist at the best of times, but even more so when it's fresh out of these 10 Melbourne ovens...

Resisting the call of something just-baked really is a futile pursuit especially when it comes to saying no to the goods coming out of Melbourne's piping hot bread and pastry ovens. Like the French, our southern friends really get the coffee thing and they also understand that connecting the foodie piece into this puzzle comes via a slice of melt-in-your-mouth crescent shaped flaky pastry, a chunk of just-baked sourdough bread slathered with real butter, or a doughnut bursting with fresh sweet vanilla cream - basically anything and everything straight out of a baked goods door.  The pastry chef talent in Melbourne is strong and the results are epic - even The New York Times is calling one of their bake houses the home of the world's best croissant...

So put the carb and calorie counter aside, and get ready to take a delicious trip through the 10 best Melbourne bakeries. Plus, don't forget to visit our best of Sydney's bakeries list, too. 

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