Step aside cupcake, there's a new #dessertporn in town... the goey, doughy doughnut is having its day in the sun. 

Whether you're in the glazed, jam-filled, classic cinnamon, or a crazy combo of sugar-coma-esque ingredients camp, the café catchphrase is no longer, 'How do you take your coffee?' but 'How do you take your doughnut?' On a daily basis, doughy rounds of deliciousness are springing  forth from top pastry hands around the country with toppings, fillings and ingredients straight out of the imagination of Willy Wonka. Think doughnuts topped with potato chips, bacon, Oreos, pretzels and fancy flavours like salted caramel and lemon meringue. #Drool.

Join us as we take the ultimate mouth-watering trip around Australia via our edit of the top 15 places slaying it in the doughnut ring. 

Dream doughnuts: the top 15 places to get your fix