Doughnut Time opens in Bondi Beach today!

Doughnut Time opens in Bondi Beach today!


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Hello, new friend: Australian dessert chain Doughnut Time have set up shop in Bondi Beach – and to celebrate, they’re offering some extra special opening day pressies

Fast establishing themselves as the go-to for decadent, Insta-perfect circles of sugary perfection, Doughnut Time are expanding their empire with a new shop on Bondi Beach's Gould Street. From the gooey, Nutella-spiked indulgence of Love at First Bite to the marshmallow, cream and chocolate glaze and Oreo cookie concoction The Cookie Monster - a Doughnut Time treat is essentially the deep-fried, sweet tooth version of crack - they're that good.

Doughnut Time opens in Bondi Beach today! (фото 1)

To celebrate its new beachside digs, Doughnut Time is handing out 1,000 free giant inflatable doughnuts (you know, the pool party kind) to those lucky enough to get in first. Any folks who score a blow-up doughnut are also invited to take their inflatable into the store to also score a free doughnut (the edible kind). In addition to this food-and-fun handout, the store will also be selling a limited edition Blue Crush Doughnut featuring a blue cream glaze, honeycomb glaze, crushed biscuits, a chocolate surfboard and candy beach ball - which is pretty much Bondi Beach in a doughnut.

Go on, you know you want to. We promise it'll totally be worth the weekend calories.

Doughnut Time Bondi Beach is open seven days a week until 11pm. Find it at Shop 1, 82 Gould St, Bondi Beach NSW,

Doughnut Time opens in Bondi Beach today! (фото 2)

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