Crush it: 20 killer date night restaurants around Australia

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Another week, another date night dilemma? Don't worry, we've gone ultimate wingman with the top 20 list of restaurants guaranteed to score you a goodnight kiss (at the very least)

It's understandable to be sweaty palmed over where to take your first date, SO (significant other), or long-time lover. It's a brutal dating landscape out there and you don't want your date night destination to end up in the worst case scenario: a Tina Fey/Steve Carell highlight horror reel. The cool factor is crucial, as are background tunes,  other clientele (good looking but not so good looking your date has dessert elsewhere), and of course, the eats and drinks. They need to be mouth-watering enough to lock glazed eyes over.

In no particular order, we present the 20 best Aussie restaurants fitting the date night commandment bill. 

Crush it: 20 killer date night restaurants around Australia (фото 1)

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