His 10-week Sydney residency at Barangaroo kicked off yesterday, and tongues are wagging about the food on offer. While a strong focus on Australia's second-to-none seafood was expected, the legendary Noma head chef is plating up some more obscure ingredients the average Aussie won't have even heard of.

"Foraging for abalone, eating fresh muntries, nibbling on pepper berries and cracking open a bunya nut - these experiences are so wild compared to what we're used to in Europe," Redzepi says. "Seeing the use of fire as the main way of cooking ingredients inspired us [so] most of what we're cooking at Noma Australia will be cooked over fire."

If you're one of the lucky few who've scored seats at the sold-out restaurant, this is what you'll be feasting on: a seafood platter of Victorian pippies and sea bounty mussels, Eden strawberry clams and flame cockles, oysters and crocodile fat, a pie of King Island dried scallops and lantana flowers, abalone from Ulladulla, schnitzel served with bush condiments and a rum lamington. 

Crocodile fat, anyone? Noma Australia unveils their menu