Coffee lovers, start stocking up right now

Coffee lovers, start stocking up right now

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Getting your coffee fix is as important as breathing, right? This new study says you better stock up because supply is being threatened by climate change

If you like your coffee beans direct from the original Arabica coffee plantations in Ethiopia then you'd better start stockpiling supplies. According to a new study published in Nature Plants, "...39-59 per cent of current growing area (in Ethiopia) could experience climatic changes that are large enough to render them unsuitable for coffee farming, in the absence of significant interventions or major influencing factors." Which are some pretty scary stats.

"Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in Sub-Saharan Africa and is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world next to Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia and Indonesia, contributing about seven to 10 per cent of total world coffee production," according to a USDA GAIN report, not to mention the 15 million or so people in Ethiopia who rely on coffee production for their livelihood.  So this coffee situation isn't just bad for caffeine fiends it's also catastrophic for all the people who work in the industry.

But according to the study there is a solution "...relocation of coffee areas, in combination with forest conservation or re-establishment, could see at least a fourfold increase in suitable coffee farming area." Coffee drinkers, this is your call to action otherwise that cup of Joe will be filled with nothing but hot water and the memory of those delish fresh-roasted beans.

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