Chef's secret: the Asian food mecca going public

Chef's secret: the Asian food mecca going public

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They supply sought-after ingredients to Australia's top chefs, but now Sunrise Asian is finally opening its doors to us all

Neil Perry, Peter Gilmore, Martin Benn and David Thompson have been onto this for years: Sunrise Asian is the chef's go-to for impossible-to-source fresh produce and rare ingredients you'd otherwise need to fly to Asia to find.

You've probably stumbled across certain ingredients in the famed chefs' cookbooks - note to Neil: our local Woolies does not stock shiso leaf or land seaweed - and been at a loss as to where to find them. Not anymore: a quick trip to Sunrise Asian's new Elizabeth Bay digs will sort you out in less time than it takes to google torch ginger. The store stocks curry pastes, seasonal preserves, pickles, sauces as well as fresh ingredients including saltbush, green mangoes and freshly made soy and coconut milk.

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They've also opened a café and restaurant on site so you can see firsthand how some of their more exotic ingredients can be used. The menu will change according to the produce available that day, with green mango and papaya salad with prawn floss and shiso and betel leaf wagyu beef parcels currently being dished up. Sunrise Asian is open for brunch and lunch Tuesday to Saturday and dinner Wednesday to Saturday; visit

Chef's secret: the Asian food mecca going public (фото 2)

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