Epic is a word that gets bandied about a lot these days, but this is news fully deserving of the description: the first ever Tella Balls Dessert Bar is opening in Sydney next month. In Dulwich Hill. The exact location and official opening date are TBC, but what we can reveal is a glimpse of the menu (which is all anyone really cares about anyway, right?).

Nutella waffles. Nutella brownies. Nutella ice-cream. Nutella eclairs.  Hell, there's even Nutella banana bread, crepes, cruffins and crème brulee. And the shakes. Oh, the shakes. Along with Nutella, there'll be new additions to the Tella Ball shake menu, including Snickers, Kit Kat and Mars Bar, plus 10 new doughnut flavours, including peanut butter, cookies and cream and cheesecake. Better ramp up your training schedule in advance.

So who do we have to bow down and worship thank for this drool-inducing addition to Sydney's café scene? Aiki Daikos, aka the creator of the original Tella Ball Shake and co-founder of Erskineville's Foodcraft Espresso, which does a roaring trade in the calorie-laden concoctions. "There will be plenty of Nutella and every Nutella product you can think of," Daikos told news.com.au. "People are going to freak." We're ready.

Cancel your calorie count: a Nutella bar is opening in Sydney

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