Burger fan? You’re going to love Leichhardt’s newest eatery

Burger fan? You’re going to love Leichhardt’s newest eatery

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Burger fans this one’s for you, Alexandria’s ethical fast food joint, 4 Ounces Burger Co., is opening a second location in Leichhardt, making it even easier to get your burger and fries fix

Australia's foodie scene is one of the best in the world, stacked with fresh flavours and talented hands working the hot plates around the country, but the one gourmet arena we're still wearing L-plates on is burgers. The kings of this dude food are our friends in the US; it's a staple part of their diet, culture and they all know the secret ideal bun-to-patty-to-sauce ratio.

Luckily we're quick learners in Australia and earlier this year two skilled culinary gents with a shared love of hip hop, burgers and sustainable produce opened an American-style burger joint, 4 Ounces Burger Co. in Alexandria. And it's gained such a big fan base they've just opened a second location in Leichhardt.

4 Ounces Burger Co. burger

Founded by Rory Donnelly and Mitchell Coleman, 4 Ounces Burger Co. is all about sustainable fast food that'll satisfy any and all cravings for an authentic American-style burger.

Plus, their burgers are served with a side of social conscious, the team source their ingredients from local suppliers including the Bread and Butter Project for buns, Hereford Red for the beef and Westmont for the all-important pickles.

4 Ounces Burger Co. burger

As for what's on the menu, the Leichhardt location offers a carbon copy of the Alexandria menu with eight juicy burgers referencing the hip hop and R&B beats the two founders are into. Standouts include 'the common' a burger stacked with a four ounce burger patty, Westmont pickles, American cheese, mustard, ketchup, onion on a milk bun, and 'the birdman', a southern fried chicken burger with all the right accompaniments. Of course they also do fries.

4 Ounces Burger Co. Leichhardt is now open at 166 Norton St, Leichhardt. Open every day from 12pm until late.

Burger fan? You’re going to love Leichhardt’s newest eatery (фото 1)

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