Bowled over: the top 10 ramen joints in Sydney

Site: Lucie Clark

When the craving hits for a piping hot bowl of broth and a generous serve of fresh noodles, there's only one thing for it: ramen 

Combining all good things in one steaming hot dish, ramen is the all-in-one go-to when you want to get your five-a-day, carbs and protein. A genius combo of handmade wheat noodles, salty supercharged broth, plus an punchy selection of chicken/pork/beef/tofu/eggs, this phenomenally popular dish is a quick, no frills, Japanese flavour powerhouse which ticks all the hunger pang boxes, without breaking the bank.

From the traditional tonkotsu to the modern miso, in no particular order we present the top 10 Sydney ramen joints to get your fix.

Bowled over: the top 10 ramen joints in Sydney (фото 1)

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