On World Margarita Day it’s totally acceptable to throw back a few before midday, right?  We’ve got you covered on the best venues in town to get your Tequila on

There's something about a Margarita that spells good times. As soon as that seductive combo of tequila, triple sec, lime and salt hits your lips, your tastebuds start dancing the flamenco... and a few drinks later your entire body joins the party.

The Mexican drink is so loved world-over, it even has a day named after it. That's right. World Tequila Day, an annual fiesta taking place 22 February, invites revellers across all corners of the globe to embrace the Mexican spirit of celebration with a cheeky cocktail or five. Click through the gallery and hot foot it to your nearest watering hole to praise at the alter of tequila.

Bottoms up, Señorita: where to celebrate World Margarita Day