Sound familiar? That's because Silvereye's head chef cut his teeth at Noma - the internationally acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant famous for plating up forest floor delicacies such as moss, ants and wild berries. It's Sam Miller's first solo restaurant since leaving his plum gig as executive sous chef at the world's best restaurant (as voted in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014). "I'm excited to be opening my first restaurant in Australia. For one thing, the weather is magic and during the past year I have spent living here I have been amazed by the different ingredients to what I've worked with in the past," Miller says.

A taste of the world's best restaurant in Sydney: Silvereye

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Silvereye's focus is on Australian produce (namely vegetables, herb and flowers but also meat and fish), jazzed up with New Nordic techniques. Prickly pear, pollen, yabbies and wild garlic are just some of the ingredients he's chosen to work with for his two debut tasting menus of 11-17 courses, which ranges from the mouthwatering - honeysuckle ice-cream with raspberry,  pollen and roses - to the polarising - leeks with pig feet and white beer. Since one kitchen can only forage for so much, dishes will vary from table to table - but all will showcase traditional techniques such as pickling, fermenting, salting, curing and smoking, made contemporary through Miller's painstaking presentation.

A taste of the world's best restaurant in Sydney: Silvereye

The restaurant's food philosophy extends to the drinks - largely drawn from sustainable vineyards and small scale growers, the wine list includes drops from Europe and Australia and is joined by a carefully crafted spirit offering and an intriguing non-alcoholic selection of vegetable and fruit juices and tea infusions - try the watermelon and bergamot soda as an aperitif.

Silvereye is the second restaurant to open at Chippendale's The Old Clare Hotel, a boutique new development set to put the once dingy suburb on the map. It's open for dinner on Tuesdays through to Saturdays; be one of the first to nab a table by booking at

A taste of the world's best restaurant in Sydney: Silvereye

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