A New York-style eatery is coming to Double Bay

A New York-style eatery is coming to Double Bay

Bag a bagel

Text: Lucie Clark

Turns out the Lower East Side is not the only place to get your bagel fix, the founders of Fratelli Fresh are opening a Big Apple-inspired restaurant in downtown Double Bay

New York City plays host to many a cultural icon from fashion mecca Fifth Avenue to architectural wonder Statue of Liberty to the perfectly crisp-yet-chewy New York bagel, all of which carry the 'only in New York' cachet. But no longer. Inspired by the thriving New York Jewish food scene The McDonald family -  founders of stunning Italian eating empire Fratelli Fresh - are bringing an authentic taste of the Big Apple to our sunny shores.

Benjamin & Daughters will swing open their doors in December at revamped foodie destination, Double Bay, with a menu that reads like an ode to a New York City diner and traditional Jewish recipes courtesy of Karen McDonald's grandma. All the classics are slated to be on board from heart-warming chicken-matzo ball soup to crunchy potato latkes with crème fraîche to gravlax, schnitzel, caviar blinis and of course, bagels. And in line with the Jewish tradition of a designated weekly sit-down dinner - the Friday night menu will add traditional faves like roast chicken, challah and babka or cheesecake.

Benjamin & Daughters is located at 346 New South Head Rd, Double Bay and will open in December (date TBC) for lunch and dinner 

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