Food lovers and star-gazers rejoice; the iconic Icebergs Dining Room and Bar is launching a new food and wine series that will be celebrating just that. Full moon x spaghetti + wine series will take customers on an exploration through southern Italy, alternating between different food and wine producers from a specific Italian area.  

James Hird, who's hosting the series, explains the synergy between regional Italian food. "Travelling through Italy many years ago for the first time, one of my strongest memories was the intense regionality of food and wine. Menus of Osteria's and Trattoria's would reflect only the dishes and wines of the area," he explains.

An Italian full moon is coming to our favourite Bondi hotspot

The series will take place over the autumn/winter seasons when the full moon is rising - because let's face it, there's no better place to catch a glimpse of a full moon than over the Pacific Ocean at Bondi Beach.  "It's exciting that we get to share these diverse and remarkable food and wine stories with the Full Moon x Abruzzo event" says Hird.  

Over the course of four months, the ever-changing menu includes delightful pasta dishes like a Bolognese ragu with ricotta, mushroom truffle & butter, or a sausage, saffron, onion and bay leaf spaghetti. You also have the option for a regional-appropriate bruschetta and a wine to accompany.  

The first spaghetti x wine series will kick off May 11 and continue on June 9, July 9, and August 9.

An Italian full moon is coming to our favourite Bondi hotspot