A crazy good new doughnut is landing in Melbourne

A crazy good new doughnut is landing in Melbourne


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Step aside freakshake, the new drool-worthy dessert hybrid to know is the cookie dough doughnut sandwich and it’s launching in Melbourne

Crazy food mash ups have been the food trend to follow in recent times with everything from the heart-stopping 'freakshake' combo of a nutella-filled doughnut atop a thick shake with a side serving of chocolate to waffle tacos to cronuts to the mind-boggling chocolate éclair hot dog.

Some of these hybrids, like the cronut (croissant/doughnut combo), actually work and are palatable enough to have become mainstream, whereas others like the chocolate éclair hot dog haven't taken off and never will, because who honestly has a hankering for a processed hunk of meat wrapped in chocolate covered pastry and topped with whipped cream?

But we're guessing the newest frankenfood to catch our eye will be one that has staying power. The cookie dough doughnut sandwich is launching at Bistro Morgan this Saturday and comes courtesy of sixteen-year-old doughnut prodigy, Morgan Hipworth. And it combines all the goodness of cookie dough with Hipworth's famous doughnuts.

Bistro Morgan cookie dough doughnut sandwich

Teaming up with Cookie Doh Co to create the ultimate drool-worthy dessert, the cookie dough doughnut sandwich will be available in Hipworth's signature doughnut flavours with a choice of dough flavours running from triple chocolate to apple and cinnamon to cookies and cream.

Bistro Morgan is located at 190 High St, Windsor, VIC. The new hybrid doughnut will be available from Bistro Morgan in Windsor from this Saturday September 16

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