A celeb chef is bringing his famed burgers to Brisbane

A celeb chef is bringing his famed burgers to Brisbane

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Text: Lucie Clark

Leading Australian chef and restaurant tsar, Neil Perry is bringing chef-made burgers to Brisbane with the opening of his first Burger Project in our sunny Queensland capital

A proper, juicy, perfectly proportioned, chef-made burger is one of the culinary highlights of life - and let's be honest, only seasoned chefs ever get the exact drool-worthy ratio of patty-to-sauce-to-bun correct. So if you're hearing raucous cheers right about now coming from somewhere up in our sunny Northern sister city, you'll know why. Neil Perry opening Burger Project in South Bank is cause for all-out celebration for the 4000 postcode because he really knows how to cook, ergo his burgers are delicious, culinary works of edible art.

Perry is one of the most highly decorated chefs in Australia and oversees a dining empire which ranges from fine diners Eleven Bridge and Rockpool Bar & Grill, to elevated eastern at Spice Temple to dude food central at Burger Project. The shiny new Burger Project is located in eat precinct Southpoint and marks the eighth location for this popular burger eatery. Offering a stellar line of 14 hand-crafted burgers filled with either perfectly aged grass-fed Cape Grim beef sourced from Tasmania, clean, lean free-range chicken or mushroom-based vego options, alongside crispy fries (your call on the salt or sauce flavourings) plus house-made soft serve to round out the ideal dude food meal. Thirsty diners have a slew of options like shakes, sodas and iced teas or bring your ID and enjoy a wine or craft beer with your bun.

A celeb chef is bringing his famed burgers to Brisbane (фото 1)

Perry will be on hand in the kitchen from 11am on opening day (this coming Friday 17 February - mark your calendars) to personally craft delish burgers for launch day diners. With seating for 60 inside and 30 outside, this is burger dining done right.

The Brisbane Burger Project will be open this Friday 17 February at 271 Grey St, South Bank, Brisbane. Opening hours Monday-Sunday, 8am-9pm.

A celeb chef is bringing his famed burgers to Brisbane (фото 2)


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