A bar dedicated to peanut butter is opening in Sydney

A bar dedicated to peanut butter is opening in Sydney

This is nut a drill

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Peanut Butter Bar is opening in Sydney and this must be what heaven looks like

In completely devastating news for anyone with nut allergies, but amazing news for those of us who hide jar of peanut butter in the bottom drawer at work; a bar dedicated to peanut butter is opening in Sydney.

The aptly named Peanut Butter Bar will open on Norton Street in Leichhardt this month, but don't expect to be chowing down on Reese's pieces and Snickers bars while you're there. Peanut Butter Bar serves Buff Bake peanut butter without sugar, preservatives or hydrogenated fat, so you can get all the nutty-goodness without the fear of shame or regret.

The bar's vision is to create a space that celebrates delicious healthy eating and lifestyle. The interior is inspired by the 1976 film Rocky and will feature a replica boxing ring as well as floor-to-ceiling murals of Muhammad Ali and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The menu features seriously mouth-watering dishes including red velvet skillet brownies, vegan peanut butter cheese cake, caramelised banana and peanut butter pudding, as well as protein balls and peanut butter shakes. The Bar will also host a naughty corner, which is exactly what it sounds like *insert smirking face emoji*. Here you can expect to find cheat-day treats such as peanut butter choc lava cake, which oozes choc peanut butter and chocolate and is served with gelato.

The Peanut Butter Bar will open its doors for all nutty consumption on October 12.

Peanut Butter Bar
161 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW

A bar dedicated to peanut butter is opening in Sydney (фото 1)

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