Work-day lunch doesn't need to involve an excrutiating wait in a windowless food court for a limp bowl of who knows what thanks to these top on-the-go lunch spots

When you're clipping the ticket on the nine-to-five clock, lunch punctuates the day in a fabulous, delicious way. But if you forgot to bring the leftover container from last night or the thought of a soggy homemade sandwich is about as appetising as cardboard there's nothing for it but to hit a gourmet lunch eatery. Stuck for where to go? We've rounded up seven of the top lunch options in the Sydney office hotspots so next time the gong hits the midday mark you'll know exactly where to go.

Scroll through for seven top lunch options in the CBD, North Sydney, Surry Hills and Alexandria: 

7 top places in Sydney to pick up lunch on-the-go