5 Sydney food trucks you need to try

5 Sydney food trucks you need to try

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So much deep-fried deliciousness.

There is an odd feeling of exclusivity that comes from eating food served from a truck - the knowledge that there is only a finite amount of time that the kitchen-on-wheels will be parked in a certain location to fulfil your fast-food craving combined with an 'I-know-it's-here-and-you-don't' attitude. On top of that, food trucks are serving some of the most saught over takeaway items right now; and you now you've got a good thing when there are lines of hungry foodies waiting to try the specials even before the truck doors open. In Sydney, when it comes to food trucks, we're spoiled for choice; but there are a few 'elite' ones that you simply must try. Here are five of our favourite food trucks that park all around the city and its fair suburbs. Check their social media to find out where they're parking next. 

Duo Duo Deep Fried Ice Cream (pitcured above)

We know your mum told you to eat your greens before dessert, but your mum's not here and deep fried ice cream beats spinach EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The owners of Duo Duo have spent a lifetime sampling deep fried ice cream in Chinese restaurants and decided they could do it better. They take extremely frozen handmade ice cream, roll it in a thin layer of vanilla cake, bread it in panko and fry it until it's crisp and golden. The result? A happy stomach that's too full for dinner anyway.

If you get caught skipping dinner, tell your mum the pandan and coconut deep fried ice cream is green, so it's practically a vegetable.

Dirty Bird Fried Chicken

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It took an entire year of experimenting with recipes for Dirty Bird to come up with the perfect balance of salt to tender to crunch. The secret is in the brining. No less than 12 hours in a secret brining liquid is required to get the perfect fried chicken. Try it on the Crack Burger, a chicken breast rolled in rice bubblesl; the cereal makes for a surprisingly crispy coating and goes well with some of the Asian inspired sides like umami fries, sprinkled with seaweed flakes.

Fancy Banger

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Fancy Banger was a regular Glebe Markets stall for years before the owner kitted out a beautiful vintage Citroen H Van and hit the streets with his fancy sausages. There are usually six options on the menu, each one inspired by an overseas cuisine. The Spaniard is made with chorizo, roasted peppers and chipotle mayo, and the Japanese chicken has wasabi pickles and miso aioli. The vegetarian sausage is superb and stands up to its more traditional meat counterparts. It's served with crumbled feta and homemade beetroot relish.

Mister Gee's

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There are lots of burger trucks out there, but Mister Gee's is one of the best. There's only ever one burger on the menu at a time, which is a testament to the truck's confidence in its product. Watch out for the truffle burger that features a thick beef patty cooked perfectly medium rare, rocket, caramelised onion and mayonnaise blended with moutwateringly tasty truffle oil. Just like the burgers, there's only one fries and milkshake option at a time, and a handful of softdrinks to choose from. The menu trifecta is the truffle burger, bacon chips and a Redskins milkshake, and once in a lucky moon, you'll get all three.

El Qahirah

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There are taco trucks, bao trucks and now El Qahirah Egyptian food truck is serving taameya, Egypt's answer to delicious things served in bread. Taameya look a lot like bright green falafels, but instead of chickpeas they're made from fava beans mixed with herbs like coriander, shallots, parsley and garlic. They're served with tomato, cucumber and a handful of extremely tasty pickles that are so salty, you'll be glad for the only drink on the menu: hibiscus tea.  

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